Welcome to TWS

Total Workplace Supplies was founded in 2016. We believe that it is time for Papua New Guinea to meet quality standard workplace supplies that its people can trust and utilize.

Our office is located at Turumu St., Boroko NCD, Papua New Guinea.

What we believe in

Our vision is to see ourselves spearheading the way for Papua New Guineans to be constantly aware of the hazards of using chemically-contained cleaning agents to our day to day lives. Our goal is to provide alternative and eco-friendly products with which anyone can use with complete trust. This is our commitment and we will strive hard to bring our aspiration to reality.

  • We believe in customer first idealism and with such, we train and reward our staffs to be prepared and helpful towards our customers.
  • We think that a healthy environment is tied to the well-being of the communities. Thus, we believe that our organic-based cleaning supplies should on top and foremost to be widely disseminated throughout this country.
  • Our views are not short-sighted, and we are committed to providing long-term solution through our unparalleled leadership.
  • Our future is based on family oriented business foundation. Hence, we are committed to deal with our customers in a familiar friendly fashion

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on realistic and simplistic approach coupled with a competitive mind influenced by our devotion for a clean and liveable environment.

In order to achieve our goals, we devised four simple steps into ensuring its successful implementation as follows:

Spread Awareness – Provide – Simplify – Lead.

Such strategy is not without pertinent analysis of the market trends. We will make sure that our undertakings are continues and reliable by regularly consulting our suppliers, manufacturers and customers.

Our Group of Companies